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Message to Our Beloved Community

 Somewhere between faithfulness and gratefulness is truthfulness. Our truth is that our family misses William and Julia Holt. Words are inadequate to describe the void that is ever so present daily. 

When our parents were alive we sat together on a daily basis and all day long, you could hear the familiar greetings when Dad and Julia came in. Each of us would say, “Hi Daddy”, and he would respond by saying, “Hi Sugar”. Even our children would say with great enthusiasm, “Hi Grand-Daddy”, and he would respond with a loving smile and a handshake. His love for the grand boys was so evident, more than life itself, and they loved him. Daily we all wish that we could greet both he and Julia one more time; nonetheless, we understand that the familiar greeting and genuine loving expressions have been silenced. As time progresses we are beginning to accept the fact of the matter they are no longer present amongst us.

We as a family have embraced the legacy of W.W. Holt Funeral Home. The special touch of service and caring extended to all by William and Julia Holt was imparted unto us, and it shall be a part of all funeral services and care extended to our patrons, with the same intensity. 

As a family we are celebrating our 40th Year Anniversary of W. W. Holt Funeral Home being in business. This is a wonderful achievement, which we are honored and proud of. This milestone signifies a beacon of light despite the fact our parents are no longer here with to celebrate with us. However, they departed knowing that the legacy lives on through the grandsons. 

Carol and I promised our parents that we would continue the business they cherished that has burned bright over the years, serving our patrons, their families and the community with love, respect, and heart felt appreciation with excellence. 

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Holt-Walker


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From Me to You!

To my Community, I love you! You honored me by allowing me to use my talent, my smile and my business in your time of sorrow. Your family became my family. The “Joy” of serving you is something I can’s explain. Our business allowed us to meet the greatest families in the world!

We created some lasting memories and friendships that will stand the test of time. I am so thankful for this opportunity. You have seen me in the public eye for many years, but now my request is to go privately. I have asked my family to honor my request of privacy as I complete my journey home. 

Please remember my smile, words of comfort, or how I may have made your bereavement easier. As you remember me in the days to come, embrace my family so that they can continue my legacy with ease. Embrace them, help them, comfort them, and above all support them as you have done for my husband and me. There is no greater honor than this.

I love you, one and all.

To God be the Glory!

Julia Holt


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From Me to You!

There are only two words I can use to explain you all – “My Friends.” My life has been so enriched over the years by knowing each of you. Julia and I sat with your families and got to know each of you. We were a part of you – and you us. We truly loved what we could do to ease your pain sorrow in your time of need. One thing I know for sure is that we did our best for each and every family that came to W. W. Holt Funeral Home.

When I came to Harvey, I could not have known that I would meet the greatest people in the world – but I did. Julia and I worked hard to build a business with an upstanding legacy in the community. The community, pastors, and dedicated families made W. W. Holt Funeral Home a great place. For that I am grateful.

To the Pastors, thank you for your support. We would not have been successful without you and your members. You embraced us, and put your arms around us, and you helped us more than you will ever know. Your members know to call W. W. Holt Funeral Home and we were honored to answer the call. I will never forget your loyalty.

Finally, and most importantly, to my daughters Sharon and Carol, words cannot express my love for you. You are “my girls”. You girls were my life, my love, my support, and my rock – through it all. The good news is that you know how much I love you. You have been everything I could have asked for. Beyond you, thank you for the gift of grandchildren, what a joy!

I have completed my journey here, and I am truly at peace. To all of you – Pastors, Members, and the Community – please honor my legacy through my children. Support them, embrace them, comfort them and put your arms around them just as you did for Julia and I. My children will feel my absence in days to come. Visit them; share a funny story, or a favorite memory. It will minister to them. 

Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart. Gone for now!

Forever Grateful,

William W. Holt

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